Gerrit Rietveld Academie

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design. We offer two bachelor degree programmes and four master degree programmes. Within the Bachelor you'll recieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or a Bachelor of Design degree. Within these two programmes, there are various specialisations. Following a general first year, called the Basic Year, the student chooses one of these specialisations… Read More

Graduation Show 2014

Trailer new RietveldTV episode
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The first episode of RietveldT…

Rietveld Alumni at Unfair
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Rietveld graduates featured in Vogue Italia
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Last possibility to apply for the orientation course
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Eight Cubic Meters by Photography
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New episode of Rietveld TV online
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With the graduates 2014: Lu…

Open Call by Laurel Nakadate - 23 hours ago

Black box of nothingness - 4 days ago

Agnieszka Zimolag – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014

Petros Orfanos – Beeldende Kunst 2014

Charlott Weise – Beeldende Kunst 2014

Sytske van Koeveringe – Beeld en Taal 2014

Fleur van Greuningen – Beeld en Taal 2014

Babak Andishmand – VAV 2009
Bobby Babak Andishmand is a pr…

Steffen Vogelezang – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2014

Caroline van Pagee – Fotografie 2009

Sylvain Georget – DesignLAB 2014

Lexi Visco – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014

Inga Jautakyte – Beeldende Kunst 2014

Anton Stuckardt – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2013