Gerrit Rietveld Academie

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design. We offer one Bachelor's degree programme and four Master's programmes. From academic year 2014-2015 the Academie will be offering the Bachelor's degree programme Art & Design (formerly the two programmes Fine Arts and Design). This combination expresses our vision concerning art education in which autonomous and applied art form a single entity. This degree programme has twelve specialisations. All students follow a general first year (the Basic Year) and then choose one of these specialisations for in-depth study in the following three years. The Rietveld Academie also offers a part-time Bachelor's programme. The Basis Year of the part-time Bachelor's programme lasts two years and is followed by three years of in-depth study. Read More

Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers - 13 December 2015
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#Meetthestudents: Nikola Čemanová, 21 years old, Slovakia
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Trailer RietveldTV by Maria Barnas
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Maria Barnas was asked to visi…

OPEN DAY 21 November // Three ways to enter
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‘Slow Runner in the Fastest Sneakers’ by Boyon Kang
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how to do art with networks
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#Meetthestudents: Marlies Rijneveld, Beeld en Taal, The Netherlands
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#Meetthestudents: Karis Lindelien, 19, USA
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Eight Cubic Meters by Hugo Rocci
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RietveldTV by Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen and Margaux Parillaud
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Stunts in a pastel installatio…

Trailer RietveldTV by Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen & Margaux Parillaud
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October 31 & November 1

Rietveld Pavilion // OCT 13, 2015. 'HIGH SCHOOL' by Johannes Schwartz and Experimental Jetse​t. In collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie library
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A TREE TO SIT ON +3 images - 2 days ago
Abigail MacPhee, Not a Swing

Excursion ArtZuid +2 images - 2 days ago

Judy van Blaricon – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2013

Mikel Orfanos – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2015

Ruben Baart – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2015

Dorien Immig – DOGtime Beeldende Kunst 2015
Selection of Photo series Loca…

W Bonnier – Beeldende Kunst 2013

Lotte Fondse – Fotografie 2015

Auto-clean, 2015

Florian Jomain – Fotografie 2015
A hacked printer is forcefully…

Özgür Karacan – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2015